Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sean Avery's Hills

So apparently this summer Sean Avery will be interning at Vogue which reminded us of another famous Vogue intern, Lauren Conrad of the MTV reality hit The Hills. We figured it was only fair to cast Sean’s version of The Hills, or as we’re calling it, The Big Apple. (Working Title, or course!)

Lauren Conrad as now played by Sean Avery
Yeah, so this was kind of a gimme.


Heidi Montag as now played by Martin Brodeur
Heidi made her first appearance way back when Lauren was still on Laguna. She played Lauren’s new bestie whom she had met while at school in San Francisco. The pair then moved LA and became roommates dealing with boy issues and hair extensions they seemed like they’d never part until the evil Spencer entered the picture driving a wedge that thus far does not seem to be broken. And even though Spencer and Heidi are taking a break (on the show) Lauren and Heidi are still barely on speaking terms.

I doubt that Marty and Sean were every besties, but they’re hatred for each other grows with every game the Rangers play against the Devils. Marty hates Avery so much, he refused to shake his hand at the end of game 5 proving these two are far from patching things up.

Lisa Love as now played by Anna Wintour
Lisa Love served as Lauren’s boss and West Coast Fashion Editor while the fashionista was interning at Teen Vogue. Love ruled with an iron fist and even mocked LC for her decision to pick Jason over Paris ("How did that work out?"), but eventually Lauren followed her co-worker Whitney Port to People's revolution (what a shocker) using her knowledge from internship to further her career. Oh yeah, and we totally think that Lauren's new boss Kelly makes Lisa Love look like the Easter bunny.

Love is probably no match for Vogue editrix Anna Wintour, whom Avery penned a compelling letter to get him the internship at the mag. Her boardroom style is so legendary it’s reportedly the basis for the popular novel The Devil Wears Prada. So buck up there Avery because it’s going to be a long summer with Wintour as your boss. (Oh and Sean, if you're wondering what a real intership at Teen Vogue is like, click here)
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Stephen Colleti and co. as played by Elisha Cuthbert and co.
Lauren’s number of supposed paramours could actually rival Avery with her exes including Laguna Beach alumni like Stephen Colleti and Jason Wahler, buddy Brody Jenner, American Idol reject Chris Richardson, Desperate Housewives babe Shawn Pyfrom and Dukie Josh McRoberts. And you thought Avery’s black book that includes Elisha Cuthbert, Mary-Kate Olsen, Rachel Hunter, Lake Bell and designer Charlotte Ronson was large.
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