Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jets Fans Continue to Suffer

The Jets are giving their fans a little bit of surprise and I am not talking about the return of Mark Gastineau -who I had no idea he was even out of jail. Fans attending Sunday’s match-up with the Bengals will not be allowed to purchase alcohol once they enter the facility. The decision was made after the team talked to the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority aka the No Fun Zone. But don’t worry; the Jets will open the parking lot five hours before the 8:20 PM start so you have plenty of time to pretend you are Mark Sanchez and get blitzed.

Along with the no alcohol decree, the Jets plan on celebrating the close of Giants Stadium with a halftime ceremony that will feature a player from every year the Jets have been in the Meadowlands. And of course Ochocinco will probably bring his own halftime performance, hopefully involving an orange jumpsuit and some soap to remind Mark of his time in the big house, but we’ll have to wait and see.
(Photo: Getty Images; source)

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